Tokyo Food - Green Grill Shibuya

Don't be fooled by the name... Stumbling across what appears to be a vegetarian restaurant, as the name and brocoli motif suggest, I found some very tasty pork ribs.

Green Grill is situated in the Cocoti building on Meiji-Dori. I have often wandered passed it on my weekend shopping trips, but on this late night shopping occasion, my friend and I were drawn in by the wafting smells of garlic and spices. Originally, we thought we would be dining on Tokyo's finest vegetarian cuisine, but to our surprise the menu included hearty fish, steak and duck dishes.

After devouring our tenpura zucchini, seared tuna, and orange soy glazed pork ribs we were full and satisfied. The seared tuna, with baby vegetables was packed full of flavour, and my friend and I were pleasantly suprised this casual-looking restaurant delivered such a delicious meal.

Green Grill also has an extensive list of European wines and champagne. If you can't see it in the menu, look to the black board which surrounds the open kitchen.

Pork Ribs - with pineapple relish

Zucchini Fritters - with an olive dipping sauce 

Seared Tuna - with baby vegetables and jus

Find imported wines on the black board 

Green Grill is located in Shibuya on Meij-dori


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