Chinaroom: All You Can Taste Dim Sum

Romantically named "A Touch of Heart - all you can taste dim sum"; Chinaroom's all you can eat Hong Kong specialties are not to be missed. Located in Roppongi's Grand Hyatt, for just 3,900 yen you can eat not only some amazing dim sum, but also one of the best value (value = cost in relation to deliciousness) all you can eat menu's in Tokyo.

The attentive waiters started by bringing us the specialty of the day, a Chinese-style sashimi, which was as beautiful as it was delicious, topped with a soy and sesame dressing. This was followed by our choice of as many dumplings and other dishes as we could taste. Without delay we went ahead and ordered majority of the menu including xiao long bao, steamed buns, gyoza, sweet and sticky chicken wings, stiry-fried vegetables, a delicious thinly sliced brazed pork and various other delights. There was no msg-laden, starchy sauces in sight. Each dish was delicately prepared and presented, and bursting full of flavour. To finish, whether or not you are ridiculously full, make sure you try the coconut and tapioca pudding, and the sweet sesame dumplings for dessert (we were over-excited and ordered the 'moriawase' (dessert mix) just to have a taste of them all!

Slightly greedily, we strayed from the menu and also ordered the grapefruit and ginger juice; packed full of chopped ginger it was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. As an added benefit it was also a great way to help digestion and give you some energy after a 3 hour all you can eat session.

So far Chinaroom is one of my favourite Tokyo food finds, which I highly recommended as a perfect spot for an indulgent weekend lunch or a special celebration.

Chinaroom is easily accessed from Roppongi Station. Follow the signs to the Grand Hyatt.
A map can be found here.
Bookings one week-ahead recommended.


Lisa said...

It looks so different to Australian dim sum. I would love to try it.

Akazuki Japanese goods shop said...

Looks like very nice! Thanks for sharing

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