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I love the speed of Tokyo, yet every so often I feel the need to really slow down, and get away from the crowds and material temptations. Over the time I've spent in Japan I've discovered there is no place I like to go more than Kamakura, just one hour south of Tokyo. Kamakura offers scenic temples, the sea side, and a wonderful village atmosphere. To really get my taste of home however, I head a little further to Shichirigama to visit Bill Granger's venture in to Japanese dining.

Bills, already a staple in the Sydney brunch scene, has been transported to a Japanese sea-side location, where the food and atmosphere does not disappoint. On a Friday, we already have to put our name on a waiting list at 11:45am, as local's and people who have taken the trip from Tokyo vie to get a seat in the cosy restaurant.

Bills is filled with light, and looks over the rolling waves of Shichirigama. One side of the restaurant has couches and booths to relax in, whereas the other side is a slightly more formal restaurant setting. On this occasion, my friend and I were lucky enough to get a seat right by the balcony. As we watched other people's meals come out around us, we ooo'd and ahhh'd contemplating what to put together for our perfect brunch menu. Bills offers all day breakfast (difficult to come across in Japan), burgers, sandwiches and pastas. The dishes are simple, but come as generous servings cooked to perfection with fresh produce.

We finally settled on sweet corn fritters with crispy bacon to start, followed by a squid and chorizo risotto, and topped off with bill's famous ricotta pancakes which are soft, fluffy and perfectly balanced with maple syrup and banana. Everything was delicious, and we sat grinning from ear to ear as we took each bite.

Shichirigahama beach - Not great for swimming but gorgeous view

To get to bills from Tokyo take the Shonan Shinjuku, or Odakyuu line. A good breakdown of transport options is listed here. From Kamakura or Enoshima, take the local rail (Enoden) to Shichirigahama, and you will find Bills in the modern building in front of the station.

Breakfast and lunch reservations are not accepted, so I recommend getting in early.
Bill's website.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Bills in Tokyo, seems mental, but such an interesting idea. Im wondering what the price differences would be??!! Luschia xx

Sarah in Tokyo said...

Hi Luschia.
The prices are surprisingly comparable to Sydney. With mains coming in around the equivalent of 20 AUD. This time in Yokohama, a meal for 2 with wine, mains and pancake dessert came to about 70 AUD.
It seems Bills has really struck a chord with it's Japanese followers, and his three restaurants are always packed to the brim!

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