Red Bar Shibuya

The elusive Red Bar is hidden away in a back street of Shibuya. If you manage to find it, late on a Friday night the tiny bar is packed to the rim with people (probably 30 maximum). The red velvet walls are covered with chandeliers of all colours, shapes and sizes, which act as good conversation starters when rubbing shoulders with the local hipsters. Although the room is swimming in smoke, all drinks are 500 yen, the crowd friendly and relaxed, and comes with a bar tender, dressed in orange workman gear, that pumps his favourite tunes from his ipod. Ahhh I love Tokyo.

One thing to note - the owners do not allow roudy behaviour or photos to be taken, so if you decide to visit Red Bar make sure to be on your best behaviour and turn off your flash.

Map to Red Bar

The following photo's courtesy of G. Kelly's phone.

Red bar dazzling chandeliers

Mixing with the locals

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Marcus Bird, Designer said...

Swimming in smoke with 500 yen beers. Sounds like my kind of stomping ground : p

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