Tokyo Food - Brunch at Two Rooms Aoyama

On my continuing quest for great brunches in Tokyo, I headed to Two Rooms in Aoyama to try the set brunch menu. I often come to Two Rooms for a late night cocktail on their balcony, which looks out to Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku. On this balmy summer Sunday I couldn't help try Two Rooms' signature brunch specials, the eggs benedict and bloody mary (which I discovered is also wonderful out on the balcony during the day).

The crisp white linen on the tables, suited waiters and open stainless steel kitchen set the scene for quite the decadent Sunday brunch. The brunch menu, only served on weekends, is around 3000 yen and comes with choices from breakfast-style bircher muesli and french toast, to later-in-the-day burgers, sandwiches, meat and fish dishes. Keeping with the brunch theme I went for the sweet corn fritters and eggs benedict.

Despite being warned by one friend of the tiny serving sizes, I did not see this as a problem. The two small, round sweet corn fritters with a mango sauce accompaniment were the perfect start to the meal. And as the mammoth plate of eggs slathered with sauce made its way to our table, I was glad that the starter's were so small.

watching the chefs at work

sweet corn fritters
fruit salad
eggs benedict

signature bloody mary

Two Rooms really is a great spot day or night. Whilst the food is good, what I really go for is the balcony (hard to come by in Tokyo), the bar and the cocktails (they also do a fantastic dirty martini).

Two Rooms can be accessed easily from Omotesando station.

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Fashimi said...

You got the eggs benedict and sweet corn fritters too!

Yeah, I think the food is good but the balcony is the best part about Two Rooms.

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