Tokyo food: Shin Hinomoto (Andy's) Hibiya

Affectionally known as "Andy's" by the foreigners that frequent this Izakaya uder the Yurakucho train tracks, Shin Hinomoto is a long-standing family run restaurant, now under the management of Andy, who is married to the original owner's daughter. Complete with it's own Facebook page, the restaurant is brimming with people on a Friday night.

Famed for bringing the day's best catches from Tsukiji each morning, the food is fresh, and portion sizes very generous. For those who like to eat their fatty tuna sashimi pieces in chunks rather than delicate slices this is the place for you!

Looking around, there seem to be a few deals going on between Western and Japanese business men. I imagine that foreign business men bring their guests here to sweeten them up before closing the deal.

Speaking of sweet, there is no dessert menu, but then again, you probably don't need it after enjoying such a big meal.

Assorted sashimi

Stuffed chicken wings, and jumbo prawns behind

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Sue said...

Hi Sarah,

I hope you are starting to cook your own Japanese food now. It might even beat Nanna's cucumber and potato salad, but it sounds at though there's nothing as good as her chocolate cake.

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