Marche Japon Farmers' Market - UNU Omotesando

This past weekend in late February, the sun was shining and there was a definite feeling of Spring in the air. I had read about some farmers' markets in Tokyo and could not think of a better day to get outside and explore a new side of the city. Marche Japon Farmers' Market is held at the United Nations University most weekends, and brings together fresh produce, amazing samples, and freshly made juice and pizzas from around Greater Tokyo.

Although there are not a huge amount of stalls, there are a variety of vegetables, fruits, freshly made breads and teas to tickle the taste-buds, as well as gorgeous flowers at about half the cost you would pay at one of Tokyo's exorbitantly expensive florists.

In a city where there is a clear lack of space for greenery, let alone farming, the farmers' market brings a fresh touch to the sprawling urban landscape. There is no doubt that self-sustainability is a buzz word of current times, and the Japanese government is jumping on board with initiatives to encourage the purchase of sustainable goods. Go along, browse the stalls, order yourself a freshly made pizza and mixed fruit juice, and watch a lazy Saturday run by.

From Omotesando station, take the B3 exit and walk down Aoyama-dori towards Shibuya (map).

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janu said...

One gets to notice the over sized radishes. Toke also has apples as large as medium-sized pumpkins. in such a market my favourite pick was persimmon.

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