Earthquake in Japan - Disaster Relief

On a more somber note, the recent earthquake in Japan has left parts of the country ravaged, and many people fearing for their safety.

Particularly as foreigner's living in Tokyo, it is difficult to sift through the various news articles and determine whether it is best to stay-put or leave the country.

However, if there is one thing everyone agrees on, it is that the people living in effected areas need support, not only to re-build their home towns, but for immediate food and basic living supplied.

Google has created a quick and easy platform for donating the red cross.
Donate here.

In order to locate missing persons they have also created a basic photo sharing page with Picasa, for those in shelters to share lists of the people who are with them.

It is during these times that I really appreciate the power, speed and efficiency of the internet.

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