The Crajiness Begins

The craziness began boarding the plane yesterday. First the plane was 90% full of Japanese school girls, who screamed in unison as the plane took off. The other 10% consisted of about 10 cameramen, 2 cowboys, 2 Harlem Globetrotters and some other very familiar looking couples. At first, stuck in my own world of worry, I casually asked the man next to me if he was a filming a documentary. His response was that 'he was travelling around filming people'. Things started to get stranger when the pilot announced out of the blue that we would be the first plane to arrive in Tokyo, and the cowboys etc all cheered and whooped. After chatting with my neighbour about his film career over a glass of cheap wine I overheard one of the cabin crew mention the Amazing Race, and things suddenly started to fall in to place. I knew I'd seen those Harlem Globetrotters somewhere before, and I've never been to Harlem!

From there, and 3 mini bottles of wine later, my cameraman neighbour opened up about the show, and how they were next heading to Tokyo. I was so excited with my brush with reality TV fame, I blabbed a million and one questions including if he saw the girl get hit in the face by the watermelon. And he had. For those that haven't seen this. Witness the fitness here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OZjHjJToVo

I know these are terrible photos - but I was in an airport so trying out my stealth photography.

Spot the cowboy hats

Racing off the plane

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Fashimi said...

Ha! That's so awesome! Glad you were able to take some photos of the cowboys!

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