Falafel Fantasy at Ta-Im Ebisu

Ta-Im is the latest cafe to the Israreli food scene in Tokyo, and good news for me, is it lives over in the West Side, Ebisu. Sometimes sushi, a bowl of udon or even katsu, just doesn't cut my weekend food cravings, and as a person who drewls over warm fluffy falafel's I could not wait to get to Ta-Im and give it a try.

A ten minute walk from either Ebisu or Hiroo Station, Ta-Im is set back from the main road on the corner of a quiet street. The green glass bottles and bold blue writing on the shop window make this place unmissable. The small shop fits a bench which seats about 6 people, behind which the owner Dan Zuckerman freshly prepares the tabbouleh, warm pita and falafel to order.

The lunch set, at 980 yen, truly was a feast. Warm pita bread with fresh hummus drizzled in tahini and olive oil comes out (including an amazing spicy coriander accompaniment), followed by tabbouleh, chips, and the king of the set, six freshly fried falafel's. Every part of the set lunch is packed with flavour, and leaves you wanting more and more. Another favourite Middle Eastern dish of mine, sweet halva, was also on the menu, but did not dare try fit it in my overly satisfied belly.

I have been gushing about this place, and despite the myriad of restaurants and cafe's I am dying to try in Tokyo,  I am tempted to return to Ta-Im this weekend.

Delightfully crisp balls of felafel
Lunch set menu 

Ta-im website can be found here (In Japanese but good pictures).


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I love falafel too. What a great find Sez!
Love to you xx

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