A Weekend at the Beach - Shimoda Japan

As I mentioned in a previous post, escaping the summer heat is a must in the mid-year months, and as always, nothing cures summer stickiness better than a weekend by the sea. Until I lived in Tokyo, I never appreciated so much the cool sea breeze and proximity to a beach where you can wash you sweaty limbs.

Whilst the beaches of Kamakura are closer to Tokyo, if you are happy to venture a little farther you will be well rewarded. Rather than blackish sand and muddy waters, at Shimoda you will find predominantly fine white sand, and gorgeous clear rolling waves in which you can swim. The beaches are surrounded by Minshoku (B&B's), and various places where you can eat, and relax the weekend away. As a side note, Shimoda was the original gaijin (foreginer) entrance point to Japan, where Commodore Perry sailed in, in 1854. Purposefully or not, Perry's legacy must pull a lot of Tokyo foreigners, who swarm the beaches on the summer weekends.

On a recent visit, my friends and I opted to stay at the foreign owned White Beach Hotel rather than a local B&B. Although being slightly overpriced (the rooms and bathrooms are tiny), it is a good option for those who do not speak Japanese. The hotel sat right on Oohama beach, provided towels, sunscreen and bug spray, and had a great joining Italian restaurant.

From Oohama it is nice to walk around the mangroves and watch the hundreds of crabs scurry in to their holes as you approach, as well as hold bbq's and rent kayaks from local businesses. This time I didn't make it in to Shimoda town, but I have heard there are also some nice onsen's and restaurants to try. I am dying to get back there before the summer months are out, so will hopefully have more updates soon!

Oohama Beach

Catching some rays

White Beach Hotel
Pizza from the restaurant

The fastest way to get to Shimoda is to take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. Other travel options can be found here.

Beautiful photos courtesy of Evan Blaser.


Fashimi said...

Looks like a nice seaside escape!

As a side note, that pizza is making me very hungry.

Anonymous said...

who is that sexy man throwing the football?

taichi said...

Hi、it was great to meet you the other day.
i am the guy who watched amazing congotronics vs rockers' show together.

your blog is so nice and stimulate my appetite.
if you want to know more good restraurants.
try here.
this is the place my friend is cooking and every food here is in ferment(rotten but so nice).
it must be interesting experience for you.
if you tell cook named fushiki-san that you are taichi's friend,he'll give you better service.

Anonymous said...

who is that sexy man catching the football?

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