The Real Crepe Deal - Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne

Tokyo's crepe scene, particularly for those who frequent Harajuku, consists predominantly of street side crepe stands, surrounded by bright plastic models, selling young girls endless variations of creamy goodness. Whilst the crepe connoisseur may gasp at such a display, fear not, as around the corner in Omotesando is what claims to be Japan's first official Creperie, Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne, serving authentic French-style crepes.

Approaching the cafe, I was greeted with a 'bonjour' from the Japanese waiter. The cafe is decorated with traditional ceramic plates and paintings from Bretagne, which set the scene for our French lunch in Tokyo. This is complemented by the head waiter, who willingly discussed with us the methods they used to make the crepes, as well as the amazing home-made ice-cream. 

The menu is packed full of both savory and sweet crepes, from the simple cheese, ham and egg, to smoked salmon, grilled vegetables and anchovies. The savory crepes, with its sides carefully folded in the shape of a square, are crisp and delicious on the outside, and meltingly good on the inside. The sweet crepes tell a different story. Filled with stewed fruits, chocolate, or simply maple syrup, and topped with a slightly sour ice cream, made from butter milk imported from France. The side dishes, such as salads and soup, are also fresh and tasty. This is all washed down with some sweet and bubbly cider. 

Le Bretagne's website explains how the crepes are made specifically in the Bretagne style with the finest buckwheat flour and ingredients. A perfect lunch spot for those around Omotosando, this is well worth a visit.

Sparkling cider served in little cups
These waiter's spoke to me in French, I was too flattered to mention I didn't speak a word of it
Simple crepe with maple butter - yum
Classic mushroom, cheese, ham and tomato crepe with scrambled eggs
This one had Gruyere cheese and chili on top! 

The creperie can be accessed from Omotesando station.
Details are here.

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