Shimokitazawa- Tea, Cake and Eggs

Shimokitazawa, a trendy neighbourhood west of Shibuya, is home to many university students, somewhat over-priced vintage stores, and some of the cutest tea, cake and eggs shops I've ever seen. Although I am more generally a fan of the weekend brunch, I decided it was time to branch out and try afternoon tea in Shimokitazawa instead.

My friend, a local of Shimokita, took me to Second House cake shop, hidden away behind the maze of streets from the station. Originally from Kyoto, I ummm'd and ahhhh'd as I tried to decide which cake to choose. I ended up going for the simple apple cake with cream cheese icing which was a treat, and nicely complimented by the freshly brewed jasmine tea.

Months earlier, my friend had told me of a shop in Shimokitazawa which sells nothing but eggs, intrigued, I was dying to go take a look. Toyonchi no Tamago is for the egg connoisseur,  and like a fine wine, chocolate or square shaped melon, why not pick someone up a gift box of mixed eggs for their next birthday! Although it's in Japanese, you can get an idea from their website about this shops appreciation for all things egg. Personally, I love the idea of bringing a friend a few gourmet eggs and whipping them up a quick omelet, or whichever eggy delight you choose.

Shimokitazawa is only one stop from Shibuya on the Keio Inokashira line and is also easily accessed from the Odakyu line; so if you have a free Saturday or Sunday, pop over for some fun exploring, and no doubt you will find something a little bit different to the Tokyo you know.

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What a great place to eat. :)

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