A lonely Saturday night in Roppongi

For those unfamiliar with Tokyo, Roppongi is where the majority of non-Japanese (gaijin's) live, work and play. This is both where I will be working, and where I am currently staying. Being a Saturday night, I thought I would go explore the area and get something to eat. As I walked around two things became increasingly clear to me. One, there was many more gaijin males than females. Two, most of these males were accompanied by their girlfriends (Japanese or otherwise).

After wandering past numerous sushi, teppanyaki, gyuudon and raamen eateries, I was drawn to a flashy Italian restaurant playing Justin Bieber. I blame it on home-sickness. To keep me busy whilst having dinner for one, I picked up a free magazine for foreigners living in Tokyo. As I ate my undercooked spaghetti, I tried not to dwell on the fact that I am in the extreme minority being a single white female (SWF) in Japan.

Then something in the magazine catches my eye. Classifieds for special friends in Tokyo! As I read through the various ads I am amused at the colourful ads from people looking for partners.

This one has potential (type of female not specified)..

And atleast this one is honest!

I swear this isn't me!

To complete my night wander around Roppongi I stop in at Donkey Hote (I think this is a Japanese translation of Don Quixote). Veuve and Moet for less than $50! I am tempted to go spend my lonely Saturday night drunk in my hotel room. But settled instead for a green tea and a movie..


C said...

loving the classifieds...are you sure that isn't you?
maybe you should email her and if she gets too many responses she can pass some on?

Georgia said...

I would've gone the Veuve!

Sarah in Tokyo said...

Thanks for the advice C! Georgia, I am saving the Veuve for when you come visit! :)

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