T.Y Harbour Brewery and Big Food in Tokyo

T.Y Harbour Brewery is like stepping in to a small hub of the US in Tokyo; complete with English speaking waiters, classic American menu (with a twist), micro-brewed beers and a bay view.
When I visited on a mid-week public holiday by 12pm the terrace was full, and by 1pm also the large restaurant inside, which is testament to the quality of food and service here.

The menu is packed full of classic sandwiches, burgers, sides and salads. We ordered the caesar salad, which was nothing new, except that the half portion was huge, and not slathered in half raw egg (as is often the case for caesar salads in Japan). This was followed by the tangy and crispy crab cakes, definitely a highlight, and wedges with sour cream and mango chutney. Despite already being full, we got the burger topped with blue cheese (on top of the cheddar cheese which is standard), and the banh mi hot dog. You can choose various sizes for the burger, but even the medium seemed huge! The banh mi hotdog, despite an interesting flavour combination of sausage, shaved carrots, pickles and jalapeno, was spicy and delicious.

And of course, I cannot forget the beer. To figure out which brew you like, get the beer tasting menu, for a gulp of each of the brewery's classics. For me, I'm boring and stuck with the 'easy to drink' version, and yes I gulped it down quickly and happily whilst looking over the slightly murky waters of Tokyo Bay.

T.Y Harbour is situated on Tennozu Isle, just a 10-15 minute walk from Shinagawa Station.
Website with menu can be found here.

Caesar Salad - Add the chicken and avocado please
Wedges to the right, Crab Cakes to the left
Jalapeno-laden hot-dog 
Burger with blue cheese

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