The Night Before the Flight

This time tomorrow I will be embarking on my journey to live in Tokyo. I am only slightly nervous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am flying Qantas. Secondly, I am meeting my real estate agent about 3 hours after arriving in Tokyo, have no mobile phone, and very little idea of how to find an apartment, let alone set up a bank or phone account.

None the less, having a one way ticket is very exciting! I am excited to see what my job will be like, and my (hopefully soon to rent) apartment, and the type of people I will meet.

To finish off the blog post I would like to note that I have once again worked wonders in fitting all my things in to two neat little suitcases. I am known amongst my travelling circles as an adept packer, and would like to prove so with my first blog photo!

My next post will follow me renting an apartment, so come back and enjoy the madness of living in Tokyo!

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