Finding an apartment in Tokyo

For the last 2 days I have been apartment hunting in Tokyo. Tokyo is renowned as one of the world's most expensive cities, and infamous for the lengths it takes to find and apply for an apartment. Despite this. I have high hopes. The real estate agency that is assisting me is (foreigner targeted) Hikari Homes. My agent Kaz Harada-San speaks perfect English and so far has been very helpful. Except, after 2 long days I can still not find my perfect apartment! Kaz kindly reminded me late yesterday that there is no such thing as the 'perfect apartment' in Tokyo and I would have to comprimise somewhere. So far these are my options - feel free to comment on which you think is the best comprimise...

1) Great apartment near Yoyogi station. Close to Harajuku, and beautiful Yoyogi park. Comprimise - construction site next door (apparently will not work on weekends, but if I know Japan, weekend work is always done!)
2) Another nice studio this time in Yoyogi Park. Great view and on the third floor. Comprimise - right next to a freeway
3) Brand new apartment in Naka-meguro. Beautiful area and convenient to get to work. Comprimise - on the 1st floor so looks out on to a concrete wall.

Some quick examples.


Tom said...

Concrete wall for sure! Just... paint it green or something. Having too much noise is worse than having no view ;D

-Tom x

C said...

Concrete wall definitely! If you get bored of the view, just walk out your front door
Carms xx

Georgia said...

Freeway...if you're living alone, sound can be comforting. It might be nice to watch the world go by. Concrete wall = depressing = claustrophobic.
Free love on the free love freeway fo' sure.

Sarah in Tokyo said...

Lots of food for thought.. Luckily today I may have found the one! A little old and dingy (I said it couldn't be perfect...) but great location, view and space! Will keep you posted

Alex said...


I'm looking for an apartment too! I notice the 2nd picture one looks splendid and i dont mind looking at the concrete wall.

Can you tell me where that is?

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