Australian Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Relief - Some Thoughts on the Japanese Spirit

I found this video by the Australian Red Cross hauntingly beautiful and touching. It is true that since World War II Japan has been incredibly generous in not only their humanitarian aid, but also to those who have suffered from natural disasters.
This video highlights to me some of the key things I love about Japan and Japanese culture.

Firstly their humble, kind and giving spirit. Not only in terms of monetary aid, but any visitor to Japan can tell you how genuinely helpful Japanese people are in every day life. If you stand in one of the various crowded train stations for just one minute looking confused, no doubt there will be a Japanese person who comes up and asks if they can help you find your way. Often this is not even station staff, but just someone from the public who wants visitor's to Japan to appreciate the country, culture and make the most of their Japanese experience.

Japan is a country which has experienced the ravages of war, tsunami's and earthquakes, yet rarely will you hear the Japanese media or people discussing their experiences negatively, or being forlorn about the future.
What you do hear are voices of hope, co-operation and a desire to rebuild the country better than before.
There is no finger pointing, and little pessimism to be seen.

It is my hope that I can take some of this strength and help Japan rebuild from this disaster during my time in Tokyo. A colleague said to me just the other day, that we have to keep up our every day work, and working hard, because by doing so, we in turn are doing our small part in reinvigorating the Japanese landscape. 

As the sakura's begin to bloom in Japan, the government has cautioned the people to be 'cautious' in their celebrations. Yet as the Ohanami invitations roll in, many of which are using the opportunity to collect donations, us Tokyoites are reminded to rebuild the country by staying positive and taking life's natural gifts along with the bad.

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Emily said...

As a soon to be Tokyo-ite, this is really refreshing to read about what is happening at the moment. Love reading the blog, it makes me so excited to get over there!

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