Tokyo Brunch - On the Corner Cafe Shibuya

Tokyo is a city of convenience. You can generally find what you want, where ever you want it, at any time. The single exception to this is cafe's serving breakfast and brunch. Thankfully, after some serious internet searching I came across "On the Corner", a cafe in Shibuya which serves delicious coffee, various breakfast selections, and amazingly opens at 9am (compared to the standard Tokyo opening time of 11)!

The large cafe, which sits one street back from Meiji Dori, is filled with natural light and has a distinctive American diner feel with a more classy edge. The coffee itself is a sister store of the famous Bear Pond Coffee in Shimokitazawa (well known amongst Tokyo's espresso addicts), and the food includes breakfast basics like pancakes, eggs on toast (with a choice of sides), and BLT's. The menu extends in to lunch items, but I highly recommend going for the breakfast.

For those interested in trying out something new, On the Corner tweets it's specials daily!

As I sat early on a Sunday morning, eating my eggs and reading a new magazine, I very much appreciated my Tokyo breakfast find, and have no doubt it will become a frequent destination of mine.

Toast with scrambled eggs and side of bacon. Latte in background.

Click here for On the Corner Shibuya website.


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Anonymous said...

unfortunately since the start of the year they no longer open at 9am

Sarah in Tokyo said...

Thank you for the update! I have confirmed On The Corner is now only opening at 11:30am. A loss on the Tokyo breakfast scene. As another option, the new venture from the T.Y Harbor crew "Ivy Place" in Daikanyama is now offering early weekend breakfasts. Review to come soon.

Don Thompson said...

I'll add here, by way of clarification, that On The Corner opens at 11:30am serving *lunch* options. They no longer do any kind of breakfast. (Unless you consider a glass of orange or grapefruit juice "breakfast")

Cool place though.

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