Tram Elixir and Absinthe Bar - Ebisu, Tokyo

In a city full of neon lights and red lanterns, with bars and the unknown hidden down side alleys, it seems to me that hallucinogenic drinks and Tokyo go hand in hand. And the place to find them is at Tokyo's Tram Bar in Ebisu. Serving absinthe ranging from the giggle-enducing-mild, to mind-altering-strong Tram Bar definitely offers a taste of something new in Tokyo.

My friends and I sat on comfy leather chairs in the dimly lit, living room style bar, and decided to share the 'drip style' absinthe option. The drip contraption looks like a mini-water tank, with even mini-er taps around it. Under each tap you place your goblet of absinthe, with a spoon of sugar on top, and let the water run over the sugar to get the desired amount of dilution.

The absinthe mixed with sugary water tastes like a delicious black licorice jelly bean. Placebo effect or not, I am sure when I exited the bar, things seemed brighter and I could see lights swirling in the distance.

For those unwilling to try the absinthe, there is also an extensive list of other cocktails. The waiters also spoke both English and Japanese.

Access from Ebisu station on JR or Hibiya Line.
TEL: 03-5489-5514

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