Finding the one: The Tokyo apartment hunt continues

After 4 long days days, and about 18 apartments later, I think I have finally found 'the one'. Like a penguin that finds it's mate for life, I walked in to this apartment and sensed that we were meant to be.

Situated in Yoyogi-Koen my new place is surrounded by quaint cafe's and restaurants, 5 minutes walk from one of Tokyo's largest parks, Yoyogi Park, and a short 10 minute stroll from the youth and fashion center of Tokyo, Shibuya.

Yes I do need a heated toilet seat with bum washer!

Much needed room for my shopping


Hannah said...

yay you found a place...i may be visiting it soon!

Alex said...

that looks amazing! can you tell me where this is.. I need an apartment near Harajuku too

Sarah in Tokyo said...

Hey Alex, all the apartment I looked were around Yoyogi and Naka-Meguro.
This one is in Yoyogi-Hachiman which is just a 5 minute walk from the park, and 10 min walk to Harajuku.

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