Tokyo food: Amataro Izakaya

Rather than visiting a bar for after work drinks, people in Tokyo often visit what is called an Izakaya. I like to describe it as Japanese Tapas (Japas), which is accompanied by copious amounts of beer. One work friend told me the reason Japanese attend Izakaya's is because they like to sit down. And it's true. No one likes standing around a bar for hours. An Izakaya is the perfect place to drink, eat and talk and the night away.

The particular one I attended on the weekend is called Amataro, but there are many chains all over Tokyo. Some popular ones being; Doma-Doma, Nijuu-maru and Watami. If visiting Tokyo and wanting to give an Izakaya a go, I reccommend you look upwards. You might trip over a few people, but they are often situated on the 5th or 6th floor of buildings.

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