Sushi Sushi Sushizanmai!

I have seen this Tokyo sushi chain a few times before, but had not tried it until there happened to be one next to my hotel, and now I can't stop returning to Sushizanmai.

The brightly lit sushi bar is filled with foreign reveller's and Tokyoites alike, all yelling 'sumimasen', and ordering the sushi of their choice from one of the friendly chefs in front of them. Although initially put off by the brightness of the place (I look better in dimly lit rooms), the sushi is delicious! The salmon and tuna sashimi melts in your mouth, and I couldn't help myself raising my hand when the head waiter rang the bell and offered up freshly cooked omelet to the first six lucky people. A giant bowel of miso to finish off the meal was the icing on the cake.

Sorry for the lack of decent pictures, I got excited and ate the sushi too quickly before realising I should be capturing the moment!

Some quick research on their website, http://www.kiyomura.co.jp/sushi-e/index.html, tells me that Sushizanmai is not only 24 hours, but is also run by the King of Tuna! Who knew it could get even better...

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