YouTube rewind. Japan's top 10

Last week YouTube released "YouTube Rewind" - taking people back through the year in most watched videos. Many of the global faves are not surprising, but I think Japan's top 10 gives an interesting insight in to one of the world's most unique cultures. Featuring J-Pop, cute animals, and dancing robots (this one is kind of creepy), what's not to love!

Click here to see Japan's top 10 (if it does not come up directly, switch the worldwide tab to Japan)

My personal favourite (I don't think these models expected to go viral - and I'm not talking about the kind that can be cured with antibiotics!).


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Sarah in Tokyo said...

Apologies for the dad-joke at the end of this post. A few close friends told me to steer-clear of them, but I still find dad-jokes funny!

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