Tokyo food: Junkadelic Mexican Naka-Meguro

Let's go to Mexikyo! Ok, all jokes aside, although I now live in the Northern hemisphere, I very much enjoyed my little trip south of the border to Junkadelic in Naka-Meguro. Exploring Naka-Meguro you find various gems, and Junkadelic is no exception.

The Mexican restaurant, with it's neon-lit Corona sign and decoratively strewn South-American paraphernalia, is crowded with locals. Our waiter, also a part-time hairdresser, welcomes us with frozen margarita's and we take no time ordering some salsa, guacamole, enchilada's and chicken fajitas.

Not only are the staff lovely, the menu is also in English, and the food cheesy and delicious.

For more details on Junkadelic visit: http://www.bento.com/rev/2419.html

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