Tokyo food: Sarasota Sushi Shinjuku

As you are probably starting to realise, I love sushi. I love the way it tastes, the way it looks and the way it makes me feel. Westerner's coming to Japan however are often suprised to see their favourite California roll, or chicken schnitzel sushi replaced with sea urchin and raw octopus.

If sea urchin doesn't sound up your alley, fear not, as a new sushi restaurant in West Shinjuku has just opened it's doors called Sarasota Sushi. After struggling to find somewhere to eat in Shinjuku with a group of 5 on a busy Saturday night, we were welcomed in to the hole-in-the-wall sushi bar by the friendly host Kenji. After a brief second of cultural cringe looking at the pictures of deep fried sushi, and "Tampa" rolls, the minute I took a bite there was no turning back. The simple Salmon and avocado was fresh and delicious. And the "Red Dragon", "Mexican" and "Tokyo" rolls to die for!

For those worried at the prospect of entering a Japanese style sushi bar or sushi train in Tokyo, I highly reccommend Sarasota.

Take your pick - hot and cold sake

No don't shot it, sip it

For Sarasota's website click here.


Ideas and Pictures said...

Try 'Andy's Place' It's a pretty good izakaya in.... Tokyo. Sorry, whish I could be more specific. And if you're craving decent Spanish, go to Cicada... again in Tokyo.

Sarah in Tokyo said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I've heard of Andy's Place and been wanting to try it, so will venture there in the new year. And never one to say no to Spanish.

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